Love in the First Person

Una storia umana, toccante, vissuta dall’autore in prima persona. Un diario coraggioso, raccontato minuziosamente attraverso l’alternanza di istantanee e video. Poche parole per introdurre un esempio perfetto di multimedia storytelling.

At 20 years old, Matt Eich is a hard-working college student enjoying life with his girlfriend, Melissa, when he learns he has won the contest. As his dream of traveling the globe with his camera becomes a reality, he learns that he has another budding reality at home: Melissa is pregnant.

As these two young people navigate some very hard choices, they also stop to document this time in their lives, sharing their thoughts and fears for the road ahead. What results is Love in the First Person, a touching account of what it means to grow up.

Photography: Matt Eich, Melissa Eich

Per chi volesse approfondire, la storia prosegue in forma fotografica sul sito web di Matt Eich.

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